Create an endless supply of real UGC videos using AI.

SwitchFrame brings you perfect, yet authentic UGC from your real customers by guiding them through recording copy-rich testimonials into our AI Teleprompter, editing them into popular frameworks, then deploying them across your site and ad platforms — all automatically without lifting a finger.

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Create an unlimited number of authentic, high-performing testimonial videos for your site and all major platforms.
Video showing the mobile upload process

1. Collect testimonials from real customers.

Our easy-to-use interface allows customers to record testimonials in their mobile browser, no app required.

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AI-Powered Teleprompter

Unique AI-generated prompts help customers record perfect UGC videos dripping with juicy copy to drive sales, without ever leaving their mobile browser.

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Modular Segment Collection

Each segment is recorded one-by-one directly into your Clip Library, creating a massive repository of video building blocks for use inside or outside of SwitchFrame.

2. Automated editing into finished videos.

Turn collected video segments into endless amount of combinations and video types. Pick one of our proven pre-made frameworks, or create your own!

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Fully Automated Editing Using AI

With no manual editors needed, simply click a button and export endless video variations using testimonials from real customers.

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One-Click Mashup Videos

Seamlessly blend together multiple videos or creators into one video, allowing a level of multivariate testing like never before.

Screen recording of editing feature
Screen recording of website embed

3. Embed and test your videos at scale.

New customer videos are automatically added to your product page or website as they're approved, using only a single snippet of code added one-time.

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Automated Rewards

Incentivize customers to submit testimonials using automated gift cards from major retailers (or your own store), sent to their email after their video is accepted.

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ZIP Export for Ad Platforms

Download every video within a campaign with the single click of a button, allowing for endless multivariate tests on ad platforms.

4. Effortless manage your content library.

Search both raw clips and finished edits by segment type, creator, product, or transcript. Download single files, or entire libraries of content.

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ZIP Export Individual Clips

Export all of the raw testimonial footage from any given campaign with a single click, allowing you to edit them offline.

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AI-Image Recognition (Coming Soon)

Search for specific objects, backgrounds, colors and scenes across your entire content library in seconds.

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Integrations with the tools you know and love.

We know that having third-party attribution data and tools are crucial to effectively scaling your campaigns. That said, we're actively building partnerships with best-in-class software companies and platforms you're likely already using.

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